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Poly Pallet Covers

Plastic pallet covers and Bulk Box and Bin Liners are available in over 100 sizes in 1.5 mil to 4 mil poly.  Get the size you need, below is a simple way of calculating the measurement of the pallet cover you need.

pallet cover measurement
  1. Measure the width, depth and height of the pallet to be covered. The depth should be the shorter side.
  2. To determine the Width (W) of the cover, add 1"-2" to the width of the pallet.
  3. To determine the Depth (D) of the cover, add 1"-2" to the depth of the pallet.
  4. The Length (L) of the cover is determined by adding 1/2 the depth to the height.

Example: If the pallet size is 40"(wide) x 36"(deep) x 50"(high), the cover dimensions are as follows: Width (W) is 42" Depth (D) is 38" Length (L) is 68"

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